Personal Best Recovery's mission is to let you be your best by recovering when you need it most, while you compete.


I've been an elite athlete for a large part of my life. I've had the honor to compete at the highest levels nationally, as an NCAA Division I Swimmer, NCAA Swimming Championship finalist and at the highest levels internationally when, I represented the U.S.A at the World University Games and represented Haiti in the 1996 Olympic Games, in my hometown of Atlanta. I've had wonderful successes at the national and international level and unbelievable opportunities through my sport of swimming.  I truly believe that sports and competition, teaches kids what it means to try and what best effort  

The science behind sports and recovery have advanced so much since my days as a competitor and I often wonder "How much further could I have gone in my sport if I had had access to that knowledge to that science?". 

Now I have three children that are all competing in various sports and at various levels I see the tremendous physical stress and pressure that they put themselves through and know from my own experience that the proper recovery has a direct impact on the body's ability to perform and the mind's ability to stay focused and